The indivisible combination of three individual disciplines unified to reach one goal: The finish line. The obsessive sport of triathlon becomes a personal competition. A real-life balancing act to include your family – career and health just like a triathlon, unified to reach the same vision.

You train therefore you race.

Let me take that thought further: If you swim, bike and run as your regimented daily training routine, you are either gearing up towards racing a triathlon or just finished one. I have yet to meet a person that diligently trains for all three sports ‘just because’. If you swim, bike and run as a routine, you are a triathlete… or you are insane!

I have had many inspiring moments before launching my first collection in the Endurance Series: The Core collection.


The Core collection came to me as primary thoughts, an undivisible thoughts. In fact, three primary colors and three primary shapes made complete sense to simplify the complexity of a triathlon routine. I say routine to consider all of the other aspects of life. In fact, I believe that TriGallery and the sport of triathlon are identical: Combining components in THREES: Three Primary colors, three primary shapes to represent the union of three disciplines into one varnished finish line.
As simple as One. Two. Three

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