Ko Aloha La Ea ~ Keep Your Love

The Ironman® World Championship 2011

What to feel when a dream unfolds? How to keep this incredible feeling of love, excitement, anxiety and internal frenzy?


The true definition of living emotions one hundred miles an hour. This is what it felt when I walked to the Ironman World Championship Race Expo and settled on the famous Sea Wall. Perfection!

Check out these amazing pictures from world champions to beauty… Sometimes both!

1- The TriGallery™ Tent setup

2- With Craig Alexander

3- With Jordan Rapp

4- Jordan’s wishes to TriGallery

5- With Michellie Jones

6- With Chris “MACCA” McCormick

7- Chris’ words on TriGallery

8- The Perfect Backdrop for Creative Inspiration

9- Chrissie on Camera

10- Craig .2 miles to go to a course record!

11- With Winter Vinecki (Team Winter)

12- The original inspiration, my friend, coach Carlos Mendoza (Believe-Ness Blog)


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