I am an Ironman.



Not yet.

I like to visualize and focus on what I will hear at the Ironman Arizona finish line. The sweet sound of Mike Reilly’s “You are an Ironman”. Yes. i am.

I will be.

Meanwhile, there is this little thing called life getting in my way. I feel like my training has been purpose-less. This is just like life, without a plan, it’s only going to look good on paper and you will move through it and be fine but you’ll be just “fine”, it will not be exceptional or phenomenal. I was never a planner. Things just “happened” for me easily. The older I get, the more I seem to craft plans.

I am turning 40 in 2012 and this big milestone will be celebrated in big ways: Ironman Arizona… but wait!!! I already feel behind in my training. I can’t get to it. I just squeeze in whatever I can whenever I can. I know better, I really do but there are days where I can’t help but think this was all a big mistake. It’s hard. I keep thinking about circumstances. Wow, it feels like it is so hard to be me! Other athletes have their lives figured out, their children (if any) are a bit older, they can go out to train, they are not single parents, they are not business/start-up owners, they are financially organized for years ahead. They have nothing to worry about. Right? NO WAY! We are all in the same boat.

If this journey to Ironman was easy, everyone would be doing it. This is why I will be
an Ironman.

i am.

Yes i am.

I needed to see it. Feel it. Daily. I felt like as athlete, we must have this special “thing” that is a constant reminder of what we do and our goal. A subtile touch  added to your living space where you and only you draws energy from. Looks at it. See yourself. See yourself as the triathlete that you are. The runner that you are.

You are.

See yourself through the days where you are agitated. Calm days. Effective days. Sad days. Tough days. Good and bad, your days sculpt your journey to your goals and bring you to the start of that special race.

Set yourself up for success. Life is stressful enough as it is, especially as a parent. The stress that you can eliminate, eliminate it. NOW. Eliminate the distractions and stress that you can control. Good in business. Good in sports.


“A happy athlete is a better athlete” — Carlos Mendoza, Executive Coaching

“Tough times don’t last but tough people do” – – My last fortune cookie!


BELIEVE-NESS: Feel your vision! Set your goals! GO FOR IT!

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