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  • Ironman Arizona 2012 ~ The Race Report BEFORE the actual race!

    This is a serious title isn’t it? A race report for Ironman Arizona 2012 before the race? Yes. Since I do not do things the normal way, my race report is ready.

    I have come to believe very strongly that a spiritual event/commitment like an Ironman race is not based on being fit.

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  • I am an Ironman.



    Not yet.

    I like to visualize and focus on what I will hear at the Ironman Arizona finish line. The sweet sound of Mike Reilly’s “You are an Ironman”. Yes. i am.

    I will be.

    Meanwhile, there is this little thing called life getting in my way. I feel like my training has been purpose-less. This is just like life, without a plan, it’s only going to look good on paper and you will move through it and be fine but you’ll be just “fine”, it will not be exceptional or phenomenal. I was never a planner. Things just “happened” for me easily. The older I get, the more I seem to craft plans.

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  • My Ironman Arizona 2012 Post Race Report

    My Ironman happened @mile 52.9, I am reflecting back on the awesomeness of it all.

    I landed. I landed in Phoenix Arizona on November 13th, 2012 looking deeply into  the eyes of Camelback Mountain. Oh my dear beloved desert, how I have missed you every single day for three years. In my heart, I was coming back home to this place I love with all I’ve got.
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  • IntroBurst

    This one is philosophical… I am forewarning you.

    This is about introversion, bursting and renewal. In each word, there are Ironman thoughts weaved in. It is subtile. Have a coffee before you read on!

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  • Ko Aloha La Ea ~ Keep Your Love

    The Ironman® World Championship 2011

    What to feel when a dream unfolds? How to keep this incredible feeling of love, excitement, anxiety and internal frenzy?


    The true definition of living emotions one hundred miles an hour. This is what it felt when I walked to the Ironman World Championship Race Expo and settled on the famous Sea Wall. Perfection!

    Check out these amazing pictures from world champions to beauty… Sometimes both!

    1- The TriGallery™ Tent setup

    2- With Craig Alexander

    3- With Jordan Rapp

    4- Jordan’s wishes to TriGallery

    5- With Michellie Jones

    6- With Chris “MACCA” McCormick

    7- Chris’ words on TriGallery

    8- The Perfect Backdrop for Creative Inspiration

    9- Chrissie on Camera

    10- Craig .2 miles to go to a course record!

    11- With Winter Vinecki (Team Winter)

    12- The original inspiration, my friend, coach Carlos Mendoza (Believe-Ness Blog)


  • Frenzition

    The Road to Kona à la TriGallery

    This morning, I am on the plane en route to Kona for the Ford Ironman World Championship. It feels surreal. I will not participate in this event as an athlete but as an artist. Yes an artist! I really believe that the athlete and the artist’s mind are connected in perfectly similar ways. As I am reflecting on my journey to get on this plane, I don’t know if I feel ready, scared, anxious or simply crazy! Continue Reading

  • Ironman® announces partnership with TriGallery

    Ironman® announces partnership with TriGallery

    September 22, 2011, Tampa, FL – World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), best known for its worldwide Ironman and Ironman 70.3 brands, announces a new partnership with TriGalleryTM, a unique studio dedicated to providing premium art collections for endurance athletes.

    TriGallery will be a part of the 2011 Ford Ironman World Championship by donating two series sets of its exclusive World Championship Collection to each Ironman World Champion. In addition, TriGallery will be an exhibiter at the Ironman Village in Kona.


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  • Undivisibility

    The indivisible combination of three individual disciplines unified to reach one goal: The finish line. The obsessive sport of triathlon becomes a personal competition. A real-life balancing act to include your family – career and health just like a triathlon, unified to reach the same vision.

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  • Believe-Ness

    What’s your plan? I always tip-toed around to answer this question…

    I don’t plan!

    Of course I have a vision and ideas.

    I have often been accused of living too much in the moment and not being enough of a planner. I do not believe that an exact plan is needed. A STRONG vision that you can FEEL is all that you need. When you are on the right path to your destiny, things just happen. Good or bad. Life lines its events up to bring you to your destiny.

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