What’s your plan? I always tip-toed around to answer this question…

I don’t plan!

Of course I have a vision and ideas.

I have often been accused of living too much in the moment and not being enough of a planner. I do not believe that an exact plan is needed. A STRONG vision that you can FEEL is all that you need. When you are on the right path to your destiny, things just happen. Good or bad. Life lines its events up to bring you to your destiny.

I have been saying for years that “one day” I will do this and that. There was nothing more concrete for me than to put that clear vision down in writing and setting short term goals and most importantly, share this information with my family & friends… Oh my! They are going to hold me accountable… I had to take actions now!

I have been an artist since 1987 at my leisure. I always knew that one day I would make it my daily life. It was always a “one day, I wish” thought.

I became extraordinarily passionate with the triathlon lifestyle and its regimented training over a decade ago. In 2008, I hired the most amazing coach/friend/man and he became an inspiration to me on many levels: athletics, life, family. His passion for the sport spilled on me. Multiple qualifications for the Ironman® Kona World Championship, stick figure triathlete decals on his car, branded gear and of course the tattoo on his ankle were amazing revelations leading me to my destiny.

I became the first ever provider of high end art for endurance athletes.

When life brings challenges your way, you must see the opportunities through them. The pain of going through challenges is far less than the pain of regrets.

My LCC company is born and a partnership with a global company to launch internationally is created. All it took was… Guts, PASSION and BELIEVE-NESS!

Feel your vision! Set your goals! GO FOR IT!

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